New Feature: Custom Networks

Hey guys, today we would like to introduce custom networks for any organization, school, university, or any other idea you may have. With a custom network, you basically have your own version of DevSpace that you can control and customize. The sites are mapped to your domain but run on our servers. Users and visitors won’t even notice us silently in the background powering your network. We offer minimal downtime and a professional team of engineers managing your network, keeping it bug and error free.


Plans and pricing are still being discussed with the team, but the price won’t cost that much more than our “Geek Out” plan.

For a basic plan, your network will include free domain mapping & subsite mapping, 1GB per site, unlimited posts and pages, and 5 subsites. Increases storage space and sites will available on larger plans in the near future.

Also, your network will be assigned a support engineer that will answer any question or support requests that you may have. You can contact them via a support ticket, or if urgent, feel free to email them. They will be able to resize your network and add sites upon your request.

If you would like to learn more, visit our network feature page for more details.

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