Creating a Blog on DevSpace

A blog is an expression of you on the web. It’s your very own place to share you thoughts, ideas, and experiences for others to read and share. And with a couple of clicks, you can start publishing your own articles on the web. If you would like to learn more, watch this video which will explain the basics of blogging and some suggestions to blog about. Sound interesting? Read on to create your own blog.

Guide to Blogging with DevSpace Edit Compressed

To create a blog on DevSpace, you must already have an account and created a site in order to follow this tutorial. If you don’t have an account or website on DevSpace, please click on the link below and follow the tutorial which should take you about five minutes to complete.

If you have any questions or get stuck on a step, please feel free to ask us a question on our support site by clicking here.

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Registering & Creating Your Cloud Site

Step One – Selecting a Theme

Selecting a theme the one of the most important parts of creating a blog. If your theme looks bad, them most of your visitors will assume what your post is also bad, and it isn’t worth their time to read.

To select a theme, navigate to your admin dashboard, and click on Appearance.

You’ll find around 260 free themes all available for you to use.

DevSpace Themes Page Compressed

Once you find one you like, click on the picture. It should show you a preview of how it will look when activated on your site.

If you like the look, click Save & Activate in the top left- hand corner of your screen.

Step Two – Customizing Your Theme

Most themes come with the ability to customize them by adding a logo, changing the theme colors, or changing the site title and description.

To customize your theme from your admin panel, click on Appearance, then Customize.

On the left-hand sidebar, you can select from a list of options that you can change. From the title or description to the widgets in the sidebar. When you’re done, click the “Save” button.


Step Three – Writing a Post

Writing a post is pretty simple. To create a post, navigate to your admin panel. Click on “Posts’” and “Add New”.

You will then arrive and the new post screen. First, enter a title and some content, select a category, add a featured image, and add some tags. and That’s it, hit publish and your post is live on your site.


Step Four – Helpful Plugins

Lazy Load – Loads images without slowing down your site.

DW PromoBar – An information bar at the top of your site.

Follow Button for Jetpack – Email subscription for your readers.

Front-end Editor – Make tiny changes on your post and pages without going into the admin panel.

Jetpack by – Socia share buttons, email subscriptions, picture galleries, + more.

Liveblog – Post updates without having to create a new post.

MailMunch – Email subscription for your readers.


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