Live Blogging an Event

Today, news travels fast. And sometimes you won’t have time to write up a full blog post before something else happens. And if something else does happen, then you’ll need to update you previous post, or write a new one.

Trying to keep your readers update while at the same time collecting news is difficult. Missing one small detail can have a large impact¬†on many people. So let’s get you set up to blog at the speed of light! ūüėÄ


You’ll only need two things to complete this tutorial. An account on DevSpace and a website. If you need either of those two things, follow the tutorial below to get caught up.

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Registering & Creating Your Cloud Site

Ok, now that you’re caught up, let’s get started live blogging.

Step 1: Activate the Live Blogging Plugin

First, login to your site’s admin dashboard, then click on plugins. In the search bar in the top right-hand corner of your screen, type in Liveblog,¬†and click¬†“search installed plugins”.

Then the Liveblogging plugin will be displayed on your screen as the only search result, then click activate to enable the plugin on your site.


Step 2: Create a Live Blog Post

After you activate the plugin, click on posts, then add new. If you scroll down, there will be a new window called Liveblog. It will also have a large heading text that will say “This is a normal WordPress post, without a liveblog”.

To change this, you’ll need to click the blue enable button to turn your normal post into a live blog post. After you click enable, publish your post if you haven’t done so already.


Step 3: View the Post on Your Site

To post updates, click the view post button on your admin bar. When the blog post loads, there will a be a text box where you can write your quick  news snippets. Drag photos from your desktop to the text box in order to include pictures in your posts.


Step 4: When the Event is Over

When the event is over, it’s time to archive the post. Click the edit post link in your site’s admin bar, which will take you to the edit post screen. Scroll down to the Liveblog options, and click the archive button to end the post.


That’s it. Covering live events will run smoother with your readers kept in the loop, and you’ll have an easier time gathering news and enjoying the event. If you have any questions, please ask us on our Q&A site.

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