Flag a Site

If you find a site that violates our Terms of Service, we want you to let us know about it. Please understand that we don’t always respond to these reports, but every single one is read (by a real human being), and the reported site is reviewed accordingly.

More importantly, please note that the team behind DevSpace Hosting strongly believes in freedom of speech. DevSpace Hosting has a vast audience spread across many cultures, countries and backgrounds with varying values and our service is designed to let internet users freely express any ideas and opinions without us censoring or endorsing them.

We take all reports seriously, but we won’t remove sites just because they are offensive (even to us!). We think the right response to bad or offensive ideas is to speak out against them, not to censor them. If a site is publishing offensive content with which you don’t agree, feel free to create a site to speak your own mind on the subject — you’ll of course have the same rights.

Verify Before Reporting:

Before reporting a site with this form please verify that the site in question is hosted by DevSpace Hosting. We only host sites that have a DevSpace Hosting logo on their administration page. To verify, navigate to the website’s administration login page by appending “/wp-admin/” after the domain name (example: https://example.com/wp-admin).

If we receive a complaint and aren’t in a position to make a determination (for example whether something is defamatory or not), we defer to the judgment of a court. Please forward any legal process relating to a site hosted on DevSpace Hosting to [email protected]. If you are a member of a law enforcement agency, please contact us at [email protected].

If your copyrighted material has been used without your permission and in violation of the law, please submit a formal DMCA notice by following the instructions found here: https://devspace.hosting/dmca/.

Written by Automattic